Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wobble Chair Lumbar Exercises After Auto Collision | Bellevue WA Chiropractor

Wobble Chair Lumbar Exercises Plus Chiropractic Treatment at Active Spines Chiropractic

Portable Wobble Chair
      Wobble chair lumbar mobility exercise is a very efficient and a gentle way to restore proper motion, proprioception and flexibility of your lower back region. It also warm up your spine prior to chiropractic adjustment. The motion increases lumbar disc mobility, disc hydration, nutrition delivery and waste elimination.  

After automobile collision most people will experience pain, discomfort and changes in their body, it is very important to have a spinal examination by a chiropractor to ensure proper alignment of your spine and prevent future problems. After the acute phase of treatment some gentle spine related rehabilitation exercises will be introduced. During the rehabilitation phase of your treatment we will include this therapy along with lumbar spine stretching exercises. It is quite important to retrain your muscle and keep your back mobile after auto mobile collision. After wobble exercises chiropractic adjustment will be provided to realign and balance your spine. This helps your body heal faster and better post automobile collision injuries. Studies have shown that patients show better improvement with a combination of different therapy and chiropractic adjustment.  

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