Friday, June 6, 2014

Manual Side Posture Chiropractic Adjustment | Bellevue WA Chiropractor

Side Posture Chiropractic Adjustment at Active Spines Chiropractic

Recently a study(1) published on the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine finds that manual manipulation provided significantly greater short-term reduction in self-reported disability and pain compared to Activator and usual medical care. At my clinic this is the type of chiropractic adjustment that I perform on most of my patients.

Manual side posture chiropractic adjustment is very effective in restoring proper alignment, range of motion, and function in the lumbar and sacroiliac joints. Manual side posture manipulation is a grade 5 mobilization. It is a high velocity, short amplitude thrusting movements performed up to the anatomical limits of the joint. It is also known as the paraphysiologic space.

With manual chiropractic side posture adjustment to the lumbar or SI joint it helps decrease the pain, reset muscle tension, ligament and realign the joints. This is a safe and effective way to restore proper function and balance of your body without the side effect of medication such as impeding the connective tissue healing process. Side posture manual adjustment can bring immediate positive result for the right conditions. A full detail examination for muscle, bones, joints and nerve is necessary and imaging study such a X-ray might be needed to rule out contraindications prior to treatment.

Besides manual chiropractic adjustment, we also provide low back stretching and strengthening exercises, mechanical traction, hot/cold therapy and trigger point manual therapy to facilitate the healing process. Studies have shown that by combining these different treatment modalities together the result is much better and faster for patients. Therefore for each patient we provide a multi-model, patient-centered and outcome-based treatment plan to help you get well and stay well.

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