Friday, September 28, 2012

Seeing is believing? | Bellevue Chiropractor

Back pain? chiropractic might be able to help!

Seeing is believing?

      The other day I fell to the ground and scraped my left elbow and left knee while rollerblading around where I live. I also landed on my right hip and right hand. I immediately saw some blood over my left knee and elbow. It was not a good experience. I then went home and cleaned up the injury site. Later on the day my wrists, hips, and arms started to hurt. Even though there were not open wounds and bruises around those area, I knew something was not right. There are certainly sprain/strain, and soft tissue injuries over my body due to the fall. I started icing my shoulder, neck, upper back, arm, and hip at 15 minutes increment for 2 to 3 hours. I felt better the next day. But my body still not feeling good, especially when I am working on patients, my wrist and ankle still bothers me.

      What is going on? I am not seeing the injury but still hurting! There is some soft tissue injury still over my body for sure. I then got a chiropractic adjustment from my colleague. Later on I slowly feeling better. But I am not completely heal yet, even though I am back to the gym working out. I still need to follow up for some chiropractic treatments. It is quite common for people to think that when you do not see the injury and you are fine. But as far as soft tissue injuries, or musculoskeletal injuries are concerned, it is not true. Not seeing the injury does not mean you are okay. It is better to live your life at it fullest than just getting by without pain. It is better to stay active than relying on medication to keep you pain free. It is imperative to see a chiropractor for musculoskeletal injuries whenever after car accident, sports injury, work injury, or any other kind of injury to make sure you are 100% okay, not just no pain. Don't wait until it is too late.

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