Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why Am I Here | Bellevue WA Chiropractor

Why Am I Here? What Make You Decide to Be a Chiropractor?

      Since I grew up in Taiwan, Chiropractic is not popular back home. I did not decide to be a chiropractor when I was young or I had seen a chiropractor prior due to sports injuries, car accident injuries, neck pain or back pain. As a matter of fact I have never heard of the word "chiropractic" until when I was a junior or senior in college through my dad. My dad goes to Japan from time to time for work or visiting friends. One time he was seen by a chiropractor there due to his chronic low back pain. Later he told me about his experience and wanted me to find out more about it.

      I had no clue what chiropractic is and was very skeptical about how it can help back pain by adjusting the spine. At that time I was studying Athletic Training and helping athletes with various sports injuries through rehabilitation exercises and therapeutic modalities. With all the classes I had taken, none of them mentioned chiropractic care as a treatment option. But I decided to find out more by contacting schools in the USA and visited local chiropractors in Taiwan. I received  admission and curriculum information from chiropractic schools. After reviewing all the information that really got me excited because the classes looked quite challenging and interesting comparing to going to graduate school doing research. I had been studying for GRE in Taiwan, took a couple tests and had good scores for admission to graduate school at that time. But I prefer hands on, clinical approach, and more patient interaction. After long discussions with my parents and teachers I decided to go to chiropractic school at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard IL, instead of graduate school in sports medicine and the rest is history!

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