Friday, July 23, 2010

Wealth Investment and Your Health!

When was the last time you check your investment portfolio? You have put money aside for retirement, child education, vacation, mutual fund, stocks, real estate and more. But are you investing in your health? Do you exercise regularly? Are you physically fit? When did you have your spine check by a chiropractor? As a chiropractor I believe that having a healthy spine is very essential to a healthy life. If your spine is not healthy it really effects many parts of your body such as your posture, your nervous system and all the body parts that innervate by the spinal nerves. Don't you agree? If you are not in good health you cannot enjoy life. You cannot live an active life with chronic back pain, neck pain or any body aches.

Your health is your best and most important investment. Invest your health and you will reap a great reward! Not only you but also your family will benefit from you in good physical health! You are not the sole beneficiary! Invest in your health! Come get your spine checked today!

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Three types of chiropractic care in our clinic.

At Active Spines Chiropractic in Bellevue we offer 3 types of care for patients whom can benefit from our treatments.

1. The first type of care is called initial intensive care. This is a time when you are in pain. You have discomfort and not feeling well. You might have neck pain, low back pain, headache, shoulder pain, upper back pain or sports injuries. Your body is either in an acute inflammatory stage or chronic repetitive injury stage. The goal of treatment is to get your symptoms under control and get you to feel better. A general treatment protocol is ice, gentle stretching and gentile chiropractic adjustment, after a detail chiropractic exam and x-rays if necessary. The treatment frequency varies from person to person but usually is more frequent. It ranges from 2 to 3 times a week and sometimes even 4 to 5 times in very rare occasion. The length of treatment is 2 to 6 weeks.

2. The second type of care is called corrective care or rehab care. This is a time that you are not in too much pain or you simply feels better. The goal of treatment is to correct the underlying problems such as joint immobility, inflexibility, poor biomechanics, poor posture, poor muscle memory, weak muscle tone, overactive muscle groups. This is a time we go more in depth about the biomechanics of your body. Like any rehab, strength or exercise programs this type of care takes time and efforts. It takes time to retrain your body muscle memory, proprioception and joint flexibility. It takes time for you follow through and do the exercise daily. It is not an easy path, but we will guide you through this and you will see the result. The treatment frequency is less than the first type of care but is longer. It is usually 1 to 2 times a week for 4 to 8 weeks. Some chronic conditions may take longer to resolve.

3. The third type of care is called preventative care or wellness care. It is like your annual physical exam, your eye exam or dental check ups! Your spine definitely needs some attention too! It is a time that you are feeling much better. You are doing the exercises for your neck, back or any other area of your body routinely. Your spine is in better health and you have proper muscle tone to support it! Periodical check up is recommended to make sure that your spine is in good alignment. And we can take care of minor problem early on! The benefit of this care is to keep your body function at it's best and to live your life to the fullest!

Lastly, it is up to you on the care you like. Our care can fit most of your needs!

Active Spines Chiropractic Keeps Your Spine Active and Pain Free! You can contact Dr. Shao-Hao Cheng at

Monday, July 5, 2010

Keith Beckman- Our Massage Therapist

Please welcome Keith, our new massage therapist on board. Keith has been a massage therapist since 2003. He specialize in injury treatments and deep tissue massage. He also has knowledge in physio therapy rehabilitation and posture exercises that help enhance the effects of his massage treatments. He can keep you fit, active and healthy beyond traditional massage treatments. He also a provider with many health insurances which includes Premera, Aetna, FirstChoice and more! DO you have neck pain or back pain? He can definitely help you! Please call us and we can verify your insurance benefit for you. Most likely with one hour of massage you will only responsible for your co-pay which is a great deal!

Active Spines Chiropractic Keeps Your Spine Active and Pain Free! You can contact Dr. Shao-Hao Cheng at