Monday, July 30, 2012

Auto Collision Related Spine Injuries 2012

2012 Auto Injury related Spine Syndrome certificate

Auto Injury Related Spine Syndromes 2012

At the end of May, 2012, I finally finished the 4 module seminar presented by Dr. Dan Dock. Here is the certificate of completion from CDI. It looks pretty good, isn't it. I have been taking Dr. Dan Dock's seminar since 2007. Overall it has been a great experience. The seminar keeps me up to date with studies, researches and different treatments in auto accident injury care.

Your first visit in general:

A detailed history of your car accident bodily injuries will be taken. We have to ensure the mechanism of the injuries correlate your clinical presentation and findings. Most likely diagnostic imaging such as x-ray for your neck and back will be done in the office. Mild gentle care will also be provided on the first visit such as ice therapy and gentle chiropractic care to relief pain. Seeking medical care is also recommended for pain control. Usually your medical doctor will prescribe pain killer, anti-inflammatory and/or muscle relaxant.   

What we provide in the clinic:

  1. Sports medicine chiropractic care: a combination of athletic training with chiropractic treatment.
  2. On site massage therapy: medical, therapeutic, deep tissue, Swedish and lymphatic massages
  3. Diagnostic imaging x-ray 
  4. In office exercise therapy for your neck and back to strengthen your muscles.
  5. Custom made orthotics(inserts) for your feet

 Why we are not your average clinic:

  1. Advanced training in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of auto accident related injuries.
  2. Experienced in effective communication with insurance companies and attorneys
  3. Highly recommended by attorneys in the Puget Sound area
  4. Detailed documentation of your injuries, which present your case accurately for compensation
  5. Referral network with local medical doctors for comprehensive care.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soft-Tissue Treatment Is Another Form of Exercise | Bellevue Chiropractor

Soft-Tissue Treatment Is Another Form of Exercise  | Bellevue Chiropractor

According to Dr. Warren Hammer, MS, DC, DABCO, "Mechanical loading by a practitioner is a form of physical activity performed on a patient.

Mechanical loading is the principal way our body maintains itself, especially with regards to tendons, ligaments, bone, muscle and fascia. Lack of mechanical loading results in atrophy and eventual cell death. Years ago, anyone with acute lower back pain was sent to bed for a week. We now know that as soon as a patient can move with minimal discomfort, they should get out of bed and attempt the movement – i.e., mechanical loading. Thus, just rubbing someone’s skin or deeper tissues is mechanical loading that may be considered a localized form of exercise." You can read his article over here.

At Active Spines Chiropractic in Bellevue WA our chiropractor Dr. Cheng and massage therapists use a wide variety of soft tissue and muscle work technique to retrain your body to heal in the right direction. Medical therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, manual therapy, assisted stretching, tool assisted manual therapy are some common therapeutic procedure for your neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow or knee pain due to daily activities, poor posture, sports injuries, car accident injury or work injuries.

Most patients feel immediate relief after each treatment. These are effective and safe procedures to help your body heal in the right direction. Furthermore in-office one on one rehab exercises for your neck and back will be also very beneficial and empower you to better health. Last but not least, chiropractic adjustments from Bellevue chiropractor Dr. Cheng will keep your spine more balanced and aligned!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Bellevue Massage Therapist | Janene Hampton LMP

Janene Bellevue Massage Therapist

Bellevue WA Massage Therapist
Janene Hampton

Please welcome Janene, our new massage therapist on board at Active Spines Chiropractic in Bellevue WA. She has been a massage therapist since 2011. She is passionate about helping people with a variety of techniques unique to their situation such as Deep Tissue, Sports injury, Swedish, Reflexology and Pregnancy. She also specialize in injury treatments, Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. She can keep you fit, active and healthy beyond traditional massage treatments. Her goals for patients are not only relieving the symptoms but also improving their quality of life. She is also a provider with many health insurances which includes Premera, Aetna, FirstChoice, United Health Care, Work Injury Claim, Auto Insurance and more!

Janene is inspired by her daughters Aushanae, Monae, and Kiona. She loves to paint, likenesses of the people who have influenced her through music, poetry and those she look to for advice. She also loves to read and continues her knowledge through any kind of books from business, texts, literature, and her daughters' poetry.

Do you have neck pain or back pain? She can definitely help you! Please call us and we can verify your insurance benefit for you. Most likely with one hour of massage you will only responsible for your co-pay which is a great saving! Please call 425-818-0086 to schedule your next massage appointment with her! For more information please go to our website :)

Active Spines Chiropractic Keeps Your Spine Active and Pain Free! You can contact Dr. Shao-Hao Cheng at 425-818-0086 or